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Samhällsvetarkårens Jubilee Ball FAQ

Interested in the ball but have some questions before you take
the plunge? Then check out these handy FAQs!
If you still wonder about something, contact event@samvetet.lu.se

I think I should have an invite but I haven't received it!

Invitations will go out in mid-December. If you think you should have an invite but don't, email event@samvetet.lu.se and we will help you sign up.

Does everyone get a plus 1?

Not everyone gets a plus 1, since we would not have enough seats for everyone! Our active members get a plus 1, as they are so important for our organisation. 


How does a ball look?

A ball can sound like an intimidating thing, so its good for a first-timer to get to know what a ball is. First, the guests arrive, collect an envelope that has their afterparty ticket and program, then they have the chance to mingle with other guests before we open the doors for the dinner. Everyone has an assigned seat- we try to sit everyone near those that they request to sit with, or with people we think they will have a good time with. During the 3 course dinner there are speeches and entertainment. Then comes the afterparty, with a DJ and dancing, which is included in the dinner ticket.

What is a Sexa?

The sexa is a extra part of the ball that you can choose to attend. At the sexa there is a live band and free food and drink for those who buy a sexa ticket. The spaces are limited, so if you want to go its a good idea to buy a ticket before they sell out.

Do I have to bring a table-gift?

A table gift is a small gift that you bring to give to the guest sitting to your right at the ball. Usually it is something fun to break the ice- sweets or a small game. It is totally not mandatory to bring one, no-one will mind! It is just a fun optional thing to help you have fun with those on your table.

How does my plus 1 sign up?

Your plus 1 should sign up at the same link as you- the one that you find on the invite. You and your plus 1 need to sign up individually, and on the question about the plus 1 you should write each others names so that you can be 'paired up'. This way, we check that all the plus 1's are linked to an invited person.

Student or non-student?

You count as a student if you have a valid student card- it can be for any university, not just Lund. It is fine if you are a student but your plus 1 is not, or the other way around. The only difference is in the cost for the dinner ticket so make sure you pay the correct amount.


What will the language of the ball be?

The ball will be held in English primarily- this means that all speeches, all signs, and all information provided will be in English. 

Do you have to wear white tie to a ball?

Usually at a ball the guests are required to follow a white tie dresscode- this means a frack or a floor-length ballgown. We do not have this requirement, instead we just ask that guests wear something which to them feels formal and special- this can be white tie if you like, but also could be a regular suit, or a sari, or a jumpsuit, or traditional formal clothes from different cultures- whatever fits for you. 

What does 'academic orders' mean?

Academic orders means that you are encouraged to wear any medals or emblems which show your engagement in student life- maybe from the nation you work at, or for your work with a student union, or from previous balls you attended.


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