Do you need help? 

If you have any problems with your education; schedules which are not published in time, offensive literature, harrasment from professors or other, please do not hesitate to contact us. Reporting your problems helps us in our work with educational matters and could improve the situation for many other students.

Your complaint will only be visible for the unions fulltimers, you can also email a fulltimer directly or come and talk to us directly during our drop-in hours. 

You can find our offices as Samvetet, the little brick building next to Eden!
The address is Sandgatan 9, 223 52, Lund!

Contact information

Kristina Måsbäck


Responsible for General Faculty Matters 

0727-13 50 66

You can contact me with questions about the representative assembly, student representation, examination, course introductions, course administration and disciplinary measures

Karolina Boyoli

Vice president

Responsible for General University Matters 

0727-13 50 77

You can contact me if you have any questions about general university matters at Lund university, LUS, or   regarding quality aspects of your education, syllabi and the board of the Social Sciences student union.


Milla Marzelius

Vice president

Responsible for Student Welfare Matters 

0727-13 50 44

You can contact me with questions about Studentlund, the student union's economy, national policy or if you have problems with admission, study environment or resources.


Therese Lindgren

Event Coordinator

0727-13 50 55

You can contact me regarding house bookings, if you want to start a project, questions about getting active in the event committee or if you have other questions about social events.


Josefine Dahl 

Labour Market Coordinator

0727-13 52 22

You can contact me regarding labour market matters such as case-events, alumni, the career fair SAMarbete and general contact with the work life.