Interested in creating social events?

The Social Sciences Student Union wishes to make your time at Lund University the best possible and create social meeting places for students during their spare time. If you have any questions, ideas for event or wish to get involved, please contact our Event Coordinator at

Candidate to vice event coordinator 2020/2021

The vice event coordinator work close with the event coordinator of the Social Sciences Student Union and together they are responsible for the planning and arrangement of the student unions social events. The vice event coordinator is especially responsible for the welcome activities in the beginning of every semester and is also in charge during the day of Slaget om Samvetet.

Apply no later than April 10th.

Want to apply for the event committee? Send an email to with a short presentation of yourself.


Samhällsvetarbalen is the Social Sciences Student Unions ball, held in AF-borgen. The project group are working during the fall and winter to create an evening above the usual. 

The ball will take place on February the 17th 2018. The tickets are being released the 8/1 at 12:00 and you can sign up here at the webpage for both the dinner and the after party. The after party tickets will also be sold at Samvetet 16/1, 18/1, 23/1 and 25/1 between 11-15. The after party tickets costs 100 SEK for members of Studentlund and 60 SEK for members of the Social Sciences Student Union. See you at Samhällsvetarbalen!


Tandem is one of Lunds best know traditions. Over 1000 students participate in the event where nations and unions travel by bus to Gothenburg and back to Lund on tandem bikes. Tandem is a 36 hour long experience with party pit stops along the way with the change to battle weather and wind in an unforgettable race . 

The event committee

The Event Committee is in charge of organizing both major and smaller events for the members of the student union. For example, the event committee organizes brunches for student representatives, planning the welcome activities in the beginning of the semester and are hosting our annual thank you-activites such as our christmas dinner and spring party for active members.


If you have an interest for cooking food, planning parties, organize big and small events or like to use your creativity, this is definitely a committee that would suit you. It is also a good way to create a social context during your studies. 

Slaget om Samvetet

Every year in August Samhällsvetarkåren arrange a day where all sections and program associations gather to fight for glory and honour at Slaget om Samvetet.  Every section and program associations is allowed to participate and in the end one winner is appointed. The day ends with a giant party at the AF-Bail, which also is open for other students at the Social Science faculty.

In 2018, Slaget om Samvetet will be held on Saturday the 8th of September.

Contact regarding questions about social events.