Interested in Social Events?

At the Social Sciences Student Union we work with many heavy and important questions, but we also have a lot of fun. We plan events big and small throughout the year to welcome new students to the faculty, thank our active members, and make the student experience generally more fun for all our members. If you are interested in events, you can become active in a specific project group, or join the event committee.

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The event committee

The event committee is a group that meets roughly once every 1 or 2 weeks and plans events throughout the year. IN addition to some larger traidition events which we run every year - the Christmas party and spring party- the event committee has a lot of freedom to propose and create events that interest them. For example in the past they have run sustainability drives, afterworks, halloween parties, gym taster sessions, and hikes.

So if you are a creative, organised person who likes working in a team you are welcome to join the event committee! 
Email to find out more.


Samhällsvetarbalen is the Social Sciences Student Union's ball, held in Spring every year. The ball is designed to celebrate all social scientists in Lund, and give our members a great reason to be proud of where they study.  The project group work from November to create an extraordinary evening- you can apply to join this project group below.

 This academic year Samhällsvetarkåren will celebrate our 25th year anniversary, so you can expect something extra special for Samhällsvetarbalen 2020!

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Tandem is one of Lunds best know traditions. Over 1000 students participate in the event where nations and unions travel by bus to Gothenburg and then do a relay-race back to Lund on tandem bikes. Tandem is a 36 hour long experience with party pit stops along the way with the chance to battle both the weather and the other teams in an unforgettable race. Each Tandem team is overseen by Tandem Generals, who organise fun, food, and costumes for their team- and of course go to Tandem for free.
Tandem happens each spring, so keep an eye on our Facebook account for applications for Tandem Generals and for the Tandem team!

Novice Period

Samhällsvetarkåren starts off the Autumn semester each year with 2 weeks of amazing activites for new students through our Novice Period! 
Since 2018 we have organised a novice period aimed at those studying social science at a freestanding course, or who study a programme which does not have its own programme association or section providing these kinds of activities. In this way we 'catch' those who could otherwise miss out and work to make sure that all social scientists get a great start in the Lund student life. To find out more about the novice period, click here.

To find out more about the different programme associations and sections, click here.