Fulltimers 2019/2020

Arita Halili


Responsible for Student Welfare Matters

I am the President of the Student union, responsible for Student Welfare Matters. This means that I work with coordinating the overall work of the Student union. I also work with issues regarding gender equality and diversity issues both internally at the Student union but also externally towards the faculty and the university. I am also responsible for Speak Up days, which is an event where we ask all social sciences students to give us their opinion of their education. Education politics on a national level is also a big part of my work, which includes our contact with SFS. I also work with the Student union's economy and with helping individual students that need help with different matters. Contact me if you have questions about Studentlund, are interested in student politics on a national level, or have questions about your rights as a student!

Sanela Lulic

Vice president

Responsible for General University Matters

I am Vice president of the Student union, as well as responsible for university matters. This means that I handle the workings and communication with the other student unions in Lund, including our collective voice embodied through Lund University Student Unions (LUS). I also work close to the Student union's board and it's members. Should you have any questions about the role of the Student union or are interested in working with educational matters on a university level, feel free to send me an email or visit me at our office!

Leo Arnér

Vice President

Responsible for General Faculty Matters

I am the Vice President of the Student union, responsible for general faculty matters. This means that I am the contact between the students and the faculty management. The vice-president responsible for general faculty matters is also coordinator of the representative assembly and responsible for supporting the student representatives. Contact me if you have any questions about student representative positions!

Simon Löw

Labour market coordinator

My position as the labour market coordinator involves working together with both students and external parties in order to bring students closer to the labour market. I am responsible for projects and events such as our job fair SAMarbete, Case-events, lectures, as well as for coordinating mentorship programs. Let me know if you have any questions concerning my work and/or want to become active in something that gives you valuable hands-on experience for both the present and the future!

Alice O'Donnell

Event coordinator

My position as the event coordinator involves planning and coordinating different kinds of social events,  such as Slaget om Samvetet and our annual ball Samhällsvetarbalen. I do this together with the event committee and other active members. If you are interested in contributing to our events, want to take  part in our social activities or simply have any ideas for new events, don't hesitate to contact me!