Below you can find specific bodies Samhällsvetarkåren elects positions of trust for. The work the students in these groups do make a difference for many students and the faculty at large. To hold one of these positions means great responsibility but also the opportunity to try a project or way of working while having the time for your education. You will get the chance to work with other committed people and get valuable experince no matter which road you later take. 

The Representative Assembly

The highest decision making body of Samhällsvetarkåren, elected by the Unions members in April and October.

Chairperson for the Representative Assembly

Elected by the Representative Assembly, in charge of the meetings. 

Secretary for the Representative Assembly

Elected by the Representative Assembly, writes the protocals for the meetings.

The Election Committee

In charge of organizing the elections for all internal positions. Elected by the Representative Assembly. 

The Nominating Council

Interviews candidates for internal positions of trust, such as fulltimers and the Board. Consist of one chairperson and four members, and two alternate members. Elected by the Representative Assembly. 

The Board

In charge of the working environment of the fulltimers and deals with questions closer to the operative work of the Union. 

Elected by the Representative Assembly

in May. 

Vice Event Coordinator

Helps the event coordinator with his/her job.

Vice Labour Market Coordinator

Helps the labour market coordinator with her/his work.