Interested in organizing labour market events?

Samhällsvetarkåren works with connecting students and the labour market and bringing them closer togheter. We also strive towards strengthening the identity of social scientists and making sure they, as well as the labour market, understand the students specific and unique competences. In order to acomplish this we organize case-events, inspirational and informative lectures, mentorship programs and a yearly labour market fair. 

If you have any questions regarding our work with labour market affairs or wish to get involved, please contact our labour market coordinator at You should also check out our Facebook page for upcoming events! 

Candidate to vice labour coordinator 2020/2021

The vice labour market coordinator works close with the labour market coordinator and together they are responsible for connecting social scientist students with the labour market. Vice labour market coordinator manages the Student Union’s mentorship programmes and alumni network, and helps the labour market coordinator to plan and carry out labour market events.


Read more about the position in the by-laws under Documents.

You can apply until 10th April at 23.59. 

Career Contact Group 

Career Contact Group (CCG) organize events and activities with the purpose of creating a possibility for students to interact and network with organisations and companies. CCG organizes among other things case-events where an organisation presents a real or fictitious problem to a group of students who apply their knowledge and education so solve the problem. Case-solving is a very important part of many job interviews nowadays and through CCG or by taking part in a case-event you get some real practice and great experience. 

If you wish to become active in Career Contact Group or organize a case-event together with Samhällsvetarkåren, please email


SAMarbete is a labour market fair with the purpose of creating a meeting place for employers and students to network. It’s also a place where students can get inspired about what they can do after their studies as well as meeting future employers, and organisations can meet future employees. At the fair there are organisations which have an interest in offering students part-time work, internships, subjects for bachelor and master thesis’s and perhaps a future career. SAMarbete gives the students the possibility to create an understanding over what the expanding labour market has to offer! Check out our wepage for more information about the day. 

The day is organized by a project group consisting of students. Right now you can apply for becoming an event host and help out during the day!

Labour Market Committee 

The Labour Market Committee is a forum for the unions sections, program associations and students interested in labour market questions. It is a network with a purpose of discussing problems and creating collaborations between the different parties. The committee is a place for its members to help each other, learn from each other but also decide upon what kind of labour market events and activities the students will best benefit from.

If you wish to become active in the Labour Market Committee, please email


iProject is an initiative which seeks to help international students in their process of finding an internship, part-time or full-time job in Sweden by creating a database of institutions and organizations which work in English or would agree on accepting English-speaking students. We also organize labour market events that are in English. The aim is to give scholars a starting point which may help them overcome the barriers related with being new in the country and interested in the Swedish labour market.


Would you be interested in developing this project with us? We are currently searching for members to form part of our team!

Get in contact with us by writing to and tell us more about yourself!