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Jubilee Ball

Become a Marshal

Would you like to be a marshal at Samhällsvetarbalen? 
As a marshal you have an essential role during the event and help make the night really special. 

What does a marshal do?
The marshals welcome guests as they arrive at the venue, answer questions, and help make sure that the dinner runs smoothly without interruptions.

What is it like to be a marshal?
The marshals are arranged so that 1 or 2 sit per table. The marshals are responsible for making sure that their table is functioning well. For example the marshal may ask the servers to refill the water carafe, help if there is an issue with someone's meal, and make sure guests are being respectful during speeches.

What qualities does a marshal need?
A marshal needs to be a social person who is happy to help and guide guests. They need to also be confident enough to intervene if one of the guests on their table is acting inappropriately or there is a incident where they need to take charge.

What is the time commitment?
Primarily the time commitment is on the day of the ball - helping to set up, acting in the marshal role during the dinner, and contributing to the cleaning efforts afterwards.
There will also be a kick-off and educations for the marshals which it is important to attend - these will help you bond with the marshals you will work with, and help you know exactly what is expected from you.

What are the perks of being a marshal?

In exchange for your time and commitment you get:

A fun kick-off with the other marshals 

An official certificate for being a marshal

200kr off your ticket price

A thank you sittning after the ball

A fun and unique experience

And you only work during the dinner, which means you
can attend the afterparty with everyone else!

If you think that being a marshal might be the perfect role for you, fill out the form below! If you're interested but still have some questions contact event@samvetet.lu.se