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Are you looking for a new challenge where you can be creative, take a leadership role, and help other students at the social sciences faculty?

Well then joining the novice project group may be just the thing for you! 

In the novice project group you work in a team of 5-7 students planning and implementing 2 weeks of amazing events for the novices arriving in September 2019.

You get control over everything- what events you want to run, how you want to market, the graphical design- it's a great opportunity to use your skills, or learn new ones! 

Time commitment

The project is planned to begin in March 2019, with the intention that the majority of the work will be completed before the summer so that project group members will have very little they need to do over the summer break. The project will then start back up in late August 2019 to complete the final preparations for the novice period which will occur the first weeks of September 2019.

Available roles

There are 5 main roles available:

Project Leader
Maintains an overview of the project progress and delegates tasks. Keeps the event coordinator up to date. Calls meetings of the project group and takes decisions.

Vice Project Leader/Economic Responsible
Maintains an overview of economic matters and supports the work of the project leader in decision making and coordination

Mentor General (1-2 positions)
Recruits, manages, and communicates with the mentors and mentor groups before and during the novice period. Organises the mentor kick-off and theme for the mentor groups.

Novice General
Recruits, manages, and communicates with the novices before and during the novice period. The novice general is the face of the project to the novices.

Activity General (1-2 positions)
Plans the novice period events in conjunction with the rest of the project group, makes bookings, and promotes the novice period events. Coordinates the project groups work with the events.


If any of these roles sound fun to you, contact, or show your interest in the form below!