Project Funding

Are you planning an amazing project, event, or happening that benefits your fellow students?
Then you can seek funding from Samhällsvetarkåren! 

Samhällsvetarkåren has a fund to support projects that contribute to student life for our students, and that have never happened before (we cannot fund already existing projects).  All you have to do is complete a project fund application based on the guidelines below and submit them for the board to consider. We recommend doing this at least 6 weeks prior the event you intend to hold.

Your project application should including the following: 

Project Title


Why is this project important?

Who are we, the brains behind this project? How did we come up with this idea? Basically, a short background. 3-4 sentences is more than enough for most of the headlines.


The aims for the project

What will we achieve by doing this project? What will the immediate results be, and what are the long term effects? Formulate the overall aim as well as concrete goals.


Making it happen

How will we go about to make it happen? Methods, resources needed, time schedule. Who will do what? Do we lack expertise in some area, and in that case how will we find the right person for the job?


How much will it cost?

Calculate your expenses (and incomes if relevant). Make a preliminary budget so that the board can see how much money you need, and roughly what you will use the money for. Be as specific as possible and give price quotes where you can. The budget should be for the whole project, not just the part you ask for funding for. Include for example if you have considered cheaper/free venues and how you came to the decisions you present.



Who is the audience for the project and are they members of the Union? Is this project for only a very specific group, or can it be broadened? What is the expected or maximum capacity for the event, if applicable?



How have you considered sustainability in the project? What could be done to reduce the footprint of the event? For projects where funds are requested to cover food costs we suggest a vegetarian norm where feasible.



Full names, email, phone

Good To Know

1) Before you start writing your project plan we ask you to read the student unions's relevant policy documents first.
The board will not approve a project that does not share the Unions values.

2) Project fund applicants are invited to present their plan and answer questions at a board meeting. This is not mandatory but allows the board greater insight and so it is wise to attend if possible. Details of this meeting will be communicated to you upon submission of the plan.


You can email if you want guidance or support in writing the plan, or to submit your application.