About student representation

As an international student, you can influence your education by taking part as a student representative in your program steering group. Students at LUCSUS and Graduate School can take place in the board (and sometimes educational board). In these groups, the education is planned and followed up.

What the work entails

As a student representative, you take part in the group just like teachers and other staff. You have the right to vote and your say is as important as theirs. What it means practically is that you will get called to the meetings and read the documents beforehand. In some situations you will discuss the documents with other student representatives at your department before the meeting takes place.

Support for student representatives

Throughout the year, you will continuously get information and education from the student union about how to work in your group, strengthen student rights and create change. For example, we organize brunchen a few times per semester where you will meet other student representatives and listen to an interesting speaker. These educations are formed based on the interests and needs of the student representatives.

Does my programme have a steering group?

Not all programmes have steering groups. If your department is listed here, it has.

Difference between ordinary and alternate positions

Normally, only the ordinary student representatives have the right to attend the meetings. The alternates only go in their place. However, some groups work differently and you will just have to ask when beginning the work.

Thank you!

As a thank you for being a student representative, you will, apart from the brunches mentioned above, be invited to all the thank you partys and activities of the Social Sciences Student Union. You get access to our house Samvetet and can come there whenever during the days to eat lunch, study, hang out or work on your student representative stuff. To the extent that you want, you can become a part of the student union community and meet and get to know other involved and elected people.