The Representative Assembly

The Representative Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the student union. It is the representative assembly that establishes the statutes, by-laws and opinion programme. The representative assembly elects people to the internal and external positions of the student union, takes decisions about bigger issues affecting the organisation and what shall be the focus of the student union as well as how the student union’s resources shall be allocated.

This fall's meeting is on December 12-13th 2020!


of the fall RA 2020

Ordinary members:

(Alphabetic order)

Agnieszka Gryz

Aïcha Chabbi

Alice O’Donnell

Alva Damberg

Angelica Forsell

Axel Fégeant

Bonnie Tallberg

Christina Nilsson

Dominika Urhová

Elin Sandberg

Elizabeth Hythova

Ella Alfredsson Jofs

Elsa Ågren

Fanny Björck

Hata Kujrakovic

Isabelle Andersson

Ismar Didic

Johanna Malmström

John Espling

Linda Sebbas

Lærke Salhauge-Rasmussen

Magda Oparowska

Maria Viladegut

Miriam Rupp

Oskar Kindberg

Paschal Okuji

Richard Zhou

Sanela Lulic

Sofia Clash

Viktor Sundt

Ye Jieying

Alternate members:

(In order of number of votes)

  1. Danial Sohail

  2. Pontus Blomqvist

  3. Sean Zaroff

Meeting documents

Find the meeting document for the fall RA 2020 here

Send in your motions and interpellation - last day is the 19:th of November.


Do you want to write a motion to Samhällsvetarkåren?

Read more about how here!


Do you want to interpellate an electee of trust?

Read more about how here!