The sections of Samhällsvetarkåren

Samhällsvetarkåren has three sections which work with both social events and educational quality assurence. All positions within the sections are appointed by Samhällsvetarkåren but the sections have exclusive nominating right to the positons. 

Helsingborgssektionen Agora

Agora represent all students who study Service management or Strategic communication at Lund Universitys campus in Helsingborg. 

Visit them at: or at their Facebook page Helsingborgssektionen Agora!


Socinomsektionen represent students at the school of Social works who study at the campuses in Helsingborg and Lund. 

Visit them at: or at their Facebook page Socionomsektionen!

Interdisciplinary section Pluto

Pluto represent the students who study interdisciplinary programs at Lund University such as the Master of Science in Development, Gender and Global Studies, the Master of International Development and Management Programme and the Bachelor of Science in Development Studies.

Visit them at their Facebook page Interdisciplinary section Pluto!

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