Positions of Trust

Samhällsvetarkårens most important job is appointing positionts of trust and establishing elections for these positions. Such a position of trust means that a student is elected as the voice of all social sciences students against various departments or the faculty. The Union also elects internal positions of trust, such as the RA and the Nominating council. Below you can find more information concering each position, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at info@samvetet.lu.se

Department level

As a student representative at department level you are a part of the department board or program boards and take decions concering budgets, syllbuses, course litterature, focus questions for the board etc. You bring the student perspective to the departments work. 

You do not need any previous experience, only an interest in educational questions and a want to improve and make the voice of the students heard. 

Faculty level

As a student representative at faculty level you are a part of an decision making organ at the faculty and you bring the student perspective to the facultys work.

Faculty board:

Kristina Måsbäck & Arita Halili

Faculty education council:

Karolina Boyoli & Sanela Lulic 

Teacher's appointment board:

Sofia Zetterlund & Alva Ericson

Faculty course syllabi group:

Karolina Boyoli


Faculty equality group:

Milla Marzelius & Moa Andersson​

Working group for quality matters:

Karolina Boyoli

Local safety committee:

Kristina Måsbäck

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Internal positions

Samhällsvetarkåren consists of active members where some of them hold positions of trust. Without their efforts and dedication the Union would not be able fullfill its purpose or do the work we do today. 

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These positions are only available for Swedish speaking students.  

If you have questions regarding these positions, please contact pres.fak@samvetet.lu.se

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